HR team drives radical improvements at CPS

The work of the HR team at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has led to
‘spectacular’ improvements in staff feedback throughout the organisation.

Results of its 2004 internal survey allowed for comparison against more than
50 questions posed back in 2002.

Improvements include a 28 per cent increase in the belief that the CPS
recruitment system is fair and objective, a 19 per cent jump in good career
progression opportunities, an 18 per cent improvement in opportunities for
personal development and growth, and a 12 per cent increase in those who are
satisfied with the CPS as a place to work.

Angela O’Connor, HR director at the CPS, said: "The results are quite
spectacular in terms of the percentage point increases on 2002. This [comes
from] our own people and it’s important that they are feeling better about
working for the organisation."

The turnaround is all the more remarkable considering the critical findings
of the 2002 survey.

"That was probably the most negative document I have read anywhere in
my entire life," said O’Connor. "And I saw it the week before I
joined the organisation."

She said the HR team had completely overhauled the recruitment process, done
a lot of work around perceptions within the organisation and worked at
developing the staff.

"We’ve still got a long way to go because I want 100 per cent of people
saying they think this is the most fabulous organisation in the UK," said
O’Connor. "But I’m quite proud of the massive improvements we have

For an extended interview with Angela O’Connor see the next issue of
Personnel Today, out on 27 July.

By Mike Berry

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