HR technologist: what exactly is it?

am graduating this summer and investigating HR roles. The role of HR technologist
has been mentioned, but research has not thrown up much information. Can you
tell me about this role, what skills are involved, whether there is a demand
and what sort of salary I might expect?

Sell, joint managing director, DMS Consultancy

role of HR technologist does not fit into the traditional structures of most
organisations. It seems very few companies see a demand for this role. It is
seen as an entry-level role, with more of an emphasis on statistical
information than HR administration. Individuals would be involved in activities
such as systems admin, pay and benefits issues and manpower planning.

of the limited opportunities for HR technologists you may need to reconsider
your options. There are a number of firms offering graduate trainee schemes for

employers look at a range of skills for any HR role, including communication
skills, organisational ability, demonstration of an understanding of business
and numeracy. The likely salary will be dependent on the organisation’s size
and sector.

Clarke, senior consultant, Macmillan Davies Hodes

technologist is probably an American term; but I think it describes the
functional roles within the HR profession. It would also fit e-HR where the
transactional part of HR operates on a shared services basis and be in-house
or outsourced, probably operating via a sophisticated intranet.  

have already achieved a lot. I gather that following some line experience you
did an HND, then your BSc in IR. Your non-HR line background and academic
qualifications  make you attractive to a
number of businesses that would consider you for a career in HR.  

companies are attractive because they offer a truly generalist role, but they
tend not to have sophisticated management systems and HR processes and you will
need that experience to draw upon in the future. My advice is to apply for HR
positions with the big blue chips to give you a solid professional grounding in
HR and business. A good employer that recognises talent and wants to retain it
will move you around to give you experience and keep you motivated.  

Lewis, consultant, Chiumento

role is ill defined. It can refer specifically to HR intranet design and
maintenance but can also refer to any HR role with responsibility for HR
systems, particularly those that link HR to other systems.

talk about its pivotal role in turning HR from an admin function to a
knowledge-intensive service. Staff communications are transformed through
intranet-delivered, visually stimulating, creative copy. Skills required are an
understanding of what knowledge staff need and the potential for the medium to
deliver it, plus recognition of what makes effective copy – given the
unpromising nature of much of the material for transformation – detailed
policies and procedures, often written in turgid legalese.

should start by talking to specialist HR recruitment consultants to ascertain
whether a market for HR technologists exists.

an eye on the recruitment pages of the personnel press and on articles on the
latest thinking on the CIPD website. Finally, talk to any contacts who work in
the HR field and get their views on developments in HR technology.

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