HR urged to take responsibility for CSR

social responsibility (CSR) needs to be part of HR’s remit if it is to be a
credible part of an organisation’s culture, according to a report released

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD report claims that HR
must look after CSR if is to be a strategic element of a firm’s culture because
the way an organisation treats its staff has a direct impact on its willingness
to accept wider responsibilities.

reports author, CIPD employee relations adviser Mike Emmott, argues that the
credibility of CSR depends on its delivery, not rhetoric.

said HR is responsible for most of the key processes on which effective CSR
delivery depends, including recruitment, training and communication.

also believes it is HR’s responsibility to ensure that corporate policies are
effectively implemented and applied.

added that CSR is linked to risk management and employer brand, which are also
part of HR’s remit.

 “Despite being increasingly critical to
business performance in many sectors, CSR remains of marginal interest to the HR
profession," he said.

 “In fact, the HR department is ideally placed
to develop an organisation’s approach to CSR, which must involve promoting
trust-based relationships with employees as well as other stakeholders. CSR
does not change the HR agenda, but it certainly broadens it.

requires management to address strategic issues about the aims, purposes and
operational methods of the organisation. It has little time for departmental
boundaries and means taking a holistic view. It is not simply a matter for the
public affairs department.”

By Paul Nelson

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