HSE aims to cut down ‘human error’ incidents

Maintenance problems resulting from
human error are resulting in an increasing number of accidents, says the Health
and Safety Executive, which has just published new guidance.

The HSE says that
although the general trend for accidents is downwards, the role of maintenance
errors as the root of major accidents has increased. It cites a number of
recent near-misses including a large release of natural gas form an offshore
production platform and a spillage of highly flammable liquid at an onshore
refinery. Fortunately in both cases there was no ignition.

Dr Paul Davies, HSE
chief scientist and head of hazardous installations, said, "Studies show
human factors contribute to up to 80 per cent of workplace accidents. HSE is
actively tackling this by developing its own human factors guidance and
applying it  in its enforcement

Improving Maintenance:
A Guide to Reducing Human Error priced £16 is available from HSE Books. Tel
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