HSE enraged by lower fines for breach of rules

employers are repeatedly putting their workers’ lives at risk, because the
financial penalties imposed by the courts are too low, it is claimed.

latest official figures show the majority of companies prosecuted for health
and safety offences are repeat offenders, who are seemingly undeterred by the

Walker, the HSE’s director general, said: "Why does the general level of
fines remain too low to deter companies from committing more serious offences?
It’s incomprehensible that fines for especially serious breaches are only a
small percentage of those handed down for breaking financial rules."

are currently  no set levels of fines
for companies convicted of causing illness, injury or death, with the judge
deciding the amount that should be paid.

average fine has fallen in the past 12 months, from £11,141 to £8,828.

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