If learning is a natural process, why are classrooms so un-natural?

Brain in Business and the Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre in Lambourn, Berkshire are combining their expertise to find an answer to these questions.
Through a series of workshops, Brain in Business will work with Sheepdrove to explore the effects of the atmosphere and environment on students.
Brain in Business, co-founder, Stella Collins:

“Learning is a natural process but the natural methods have become lost amongst formal business and educational training.  By actively demonstrating brain friendly principles we create an environment in which people learn faster, more naturally and with the minimum of effort.  More importantly, these methods ensure the information is retained better.”
Brain in Business, a joint venture between Stellar Learning and Simply Learning, focuses on training success with a focus on the participants and the environment. 
Collins continues: 

“Most modern day venues are cold and uninteresting – students are often bored and tired from the décor, well before the learning starts.  Finding the right venue has been challenging but Sheepdrove offers the perfect facilities for us to demonstrate the power of our training methods.”
As part of the courses Sheepdrove, arguably the world’s greenest training and conference centre, and Brain in Business are creating a welcoming atmosphere to inspire fresh thinking and motivate learners. 

Students will experience the latest developments in training methods and facilities; combined with beautiful countryside, tranquility and high quality, organic, brain friendly food.
The first of the sessions will take place from 7 to 9 October, 2008. 

Entitled, How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer, the course will help others design and deliver brain friendly, sustainable learning that produces results.

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