Ignoring HR recruitment skills costs companies millions

is being sidelined in recruitment spending and is not being consulted over the
hiring of staff, costing companies millions as a result.

by employment outsourcing firm Professional Staff Solutions found that
three-quarters of UK companies have poor recruitment practices and spread their
recruitment budget across many different departments.

survey reveals that 25 per cent of procurement heads do not liaise with their
HR department when hiring temporary workers. Many of the organisations admitted
that they did not know the total size of its workforce.

sidelining of HR, coupled with complex costing and payroll models, leads to
millions of pounds being lost each year in direct and indirect costs, according
to Professional Staff Solutions.

heads of HR polled for the survey into human capital management in large
organisations said they did not have a clear view of how contract and permanent
staff interact.

Roisin Woolnough

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