Transatlantic workforce united over views on flexible working

on both sides of the Atlantic have claimed the ability to work from home would
improve their personal and work lives dramatically.

out of 10 people at two busy commuter stations – London’s Liverpool Street in
the UK and New York City’s Penn Station in the US – said they would jump at the
offer to work from home.

Flexible Working Survey 2004 reveals that nine out of 10 commuters think the
ideal working situation would be to have the option of working either at the
office or from home.

70 per cent of professionals think it would improve their productivity and 64
per cent say it would make them more loyal to their employer.

the average commuter travels for almost two hours a day, 84 per cent of people
said flexible working would reduce stress levels and improve quality of life.
The majority (81 per cent) also said it would improve relationships with their

Roisin Woolnough

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