IIP framework aims to ‘wake up’ business

Investors in People (IIP) has launched a framework to help organisations
address work-life balance issues.

Chief executive Ruth Spellman said business leaders and HR had been
"caught napping" during the rise of one of today’s biggest business

She believes that as a result, employers are out of touch with the real
needs of the workforce.

The work-life balance blueprint is a practical guide for all businesses but
is not, stressed Spellman, a mechanism for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy.

"Employers with a flexible plan in place benefit from happier and more
motivated staff," said Spellman.

The model is designed to kick-start serious questioning by chief executives,
steered by HR, about how to manage staff work-life balance demands and how to
fit those into an organisation’s own needs and strategy.

"Work-life balance is a very serious issue. Chief executives and HR
need to commit to it. You cannot legislate for it," said Spellman.


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