I’m not receiving emails I’ve signed up for

There are several reasons why you may not receive emails you have signed up for.

If you are not receiving the jobs-by-email alerts, news alerts, specialism alerts, topic alerts, or our weekly email newsletter PersonnelToday.com Direct, try the following.

1. You provided us with an incorrect email address

This is more common than you think! It is easy to mis-spell an email address. To check this:

  • For jobs-by-email alerts, news alerts, specialism alerts, topic alerts, the email address you use as your login name is the email address we are sending your emails to. If you can’t log in to the site using your email address as your login name, that’s the problem. Solution: Re-register using your correct email address. You will need to sign up for the emails again
  • Our weekly email newsletter, PersonnelToday.com Direct does not require registration and uses a different database. If you think you should be receiving this free weekly update, but aren’t, please subscribe to it again. If you don’t receive it on the following Wednesday, please contact us on personneltoday.web@rbi.co.uk

2. Our emails are being filtered out as “spam”

The anti-spam system of  your company or your personal email provider may have decided that our emails are spam. I

If you are using a work email address, please contact your IS support desk. If you are using a personal email address, please see our parent company’s advice on adding us to your whitelist. for advice on how to get us out of your spambox.

3. Our system has gone up the Swanny!

This happens occasionally. Please email us at personneltoday.web@rbi.co.uk

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