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This week’s news in brief

IT training sought

Training is by far the most important benefit for IT staff, according to a
survey by learning specialists the Training Camp. More than half of those
polled said training was more important than pensions or bonuses.  www.thetrainingcamp.co.uk

Disability guide

The Employers’ Forum on Disability has launched the UK’s first reference
guide for employers looking to retain and recruit people with disabilities. The
guidance answers a range of employers’ questions on disability, drawing on the
experience of successful companies.  www.employers-forum.co.uk

Sickness scrutiny

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched an investigation into
why 120,000 officials take almost twice as many days off sick as private sector
employees. Reports claim that DWP staff average 12.9 days a year for sick
leave, compared with an estimated 6.7 days for private sector workers.   www.dwp.gov.uk

CSR policy shortfall

Six out of 10 UK companies do not have corporate social responsibility (CSR)
strategies, according to a survey by The Work Foundation. A poll of 277
organisations shows that a third have never even thought about a CSR strategy.  www.theworkfoundation.co.uk

Call for strike action

The Communication Workers’ Union says it is considering calling for strikes
over plans by the BT Group to transfer work to India. The union claims that BT
plans to outsource about 700 call centre positions to India.  www.cwu.org.uk

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