In brief

This week’s news in brief

CIPD investigates consultation laws

The CIPD has set up a taskforce to consult on the implementation of the
forthcoming information and consultation legislation. Chaired by Corus’
executive director Allan Johnston, the taskforce has been set up to help ensure
the final law is workable for employers of all sizes and all sectors. It is
also steering new research into the issue being conducted by Glasgow

Fixed-term staff regulations delayed

The Fixed Term Employees Regulations are not to be implemented until 1
October – nearly three months later than planned. The Government has announced
the delay because the Employment Bill, which ushers in the regulations, has not
yet received Royal Assent.

New laws cost business £5bn a year

Businesses are paying out an extra £5bn a year to comply with new employment
laws introduced since 1997. Employment minister Alan Johnson said in a Commons
written answer that the vast majority of extra costs arose through the
provision of enhanced terms and conditions of employment.

Test cases clear way for asbestos claims

A ground-breaking case has cleared the way for hundreds of claims from
workers suffering asbestos-related disease. A ruling by law lords found in favour
of three test cases taken on behalf of mesothelioma victims exposed to asbestos
in more than one work-place. The ruling said it was not necessary to prove
which workplace actually caused the illness for compensation to be paid out.

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