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week’s news in brief.

the best stimulant

should put modern art up in offices to stimulate their employees instead of
providing coffee machines, according to a new study by InsideSpace. Twice as
many people find good, original artwork more likely to stimulate them than
caffeine, with 98 per cent of the 250 employees questioned wanted some form of
art in their office. www.insidespace.com

cuts save £82m

Assurance has announced it is to make 2,000 staff redundant as a result of the
firm’s decision to cut its direct sales force. The company aims to save £82m
through the job cuts, which will be completed by the end of the next financial
year. www.britannic.co.uk

against legislation

CBI has urged the Government to abandon proposals giving new parents a right to
work part time. The CBI, responding to the Government’s Work and Parents Green
Paper, said flexible working practises should be encouraged to help parents
balance work and family responsibilities rather than the introduction of
legislation. www.cbi.org.uk

paid out of policy

working parents are being excluded from family friendly employment policies,
according to research by the Economic and Social Research Council. Middle-class
employees are more likely to enjoy career break, assisted childcare and time
for family matters. www.one-europe.ac.uk

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