…in brief

Yorkshire Water has appointed the Epic Group to provide it with e-learning content. It will deliver the training across a new Integrated Customer and Operational Management IT system (ICOM) that will be accessed by 1,800 Yorkshire staff.


Crack the e-business code of practice

Parliament’s regulatory publisher The Stationery Office has teamed up with Compaq Computer to introduce a Code of Best Practice for e-business. It covers existing law on data protection, copyright, computer misuse and security. It is initially available free of charge from a specially set-up site.


Study the impact of the dotcom revolution

Lessons in e-commerce is the title of this year’s conference from the Association of MBAs, being held in Paris from 30 June to 2 July. It will look at the dotcom revolution and its effect on conventional business and staff retention and development.


Mind your business on the Internet

The first e-business course borne out of FTKnowledge’s partnership with the Wharton School from Pennslyvania University will be available over the Internet in September. E-business: Models and Applications for eCommerce aims to provide managers and senior staff with the knowledge and tools they need to exploit the e-commerce revolution. The five week course, which will involve 30 hours of study, will cost £1,900.


Company’s London-based solution

DigitalThink, an e-learning solution provider, has set up European headquarters in London. The company, whose clients include KPMG, Charles Schwab, Cisco Systems, IBM and Hewlett Packard, has over 10,000 students across Europe enrolled on its Internet-based learning courses.


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