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Tag rising fuel prices

HR departments need to keep an eye on rising fuel prices to ensure employees
are not left out of pocket, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development has advised. It said that if the high prices – caused by
uncertainty over oil prices following the recent terrorist attack on a
residential compound in Saudi Arabia – continue, companies may have to consider
changing their mileage rates.  www.cipd.co.uk

Working until age 72

Young people could be forced to work until they are 72, because of the
decline of work-based pensions. A survey by actuary firm, Hewitt Bacon &
Woodrow, reveals the average contribution into a money purchase scheme is now
10 per cent of salary. It said this is short of what many aspire to – the
mythical two-thirds of final pay.  www.hewittbaconwoodrow.com

Wages top motivator

Salaries and job security have overtaken effective leadership and "a
good relationship with the boss" as the most motivating factors for people
at work in the past 12 months. The fourth annual motivation survey, published
by Capital Incentives & Motivation, also shows that "being treated
fairly" and "having good relationships with colleagues" remain
top priorities as the most motivating factors.  www.capital-incentives.co.uk

Strikes hit record low

The number of industrial disputes that led to strikes in the UK fell to a
record low of 133 last year, according to figures from the Office for National
Statistics (ONS). Just under 500,000 working days were lost in 2003, compared
with 1.3 million in 2002. The strikes were mainly in the public administration,
education, transport and communications sectors.  www.statistics.gov.uk

Sporty absence plans

Employers must take action now to avoid a drain on productivity through unexpected
staff absences during Euro 2004, Investors in People (IIP) is warning. IIP
believes a number of employers, particularly those with evening and shift
workers, could find their staffing patterns threatened if staff go AWOL to
watch big games. They must consider their game plan in advance, it says.  www.iip.co.uk

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