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This week’s news in brief

HR rip-offs

Personnel Today is investigating companies that send businesses unwanted and
expensive HR products then demand payment for them. A judge recently ordered
the wind-up of one such company after deciding this was ‘disreputable’. Have
you been targeted by such a firm in the past 12 months?  
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Out to lunch on breaks

More than half the UK’s workers take less than 30 minutes break for lunch,
with one in five taking no time at all. A study of 560 workers by the Public
and Commercial Services Union found the majority of those surveyed said they
missed lunch or ate food at their desk at least once a week.  www.pcs.org.uk

Snub lingers

Companies that treat jobseekers badly are losing potential customers. Almost
two-thirds of 5,000 jobseekers surveyed by Totaljobs say they are likely to
avoid becoming a customer of a company if they have had a negative recruitment
experience.  www.totaljobs.com

Over the hill at 35

Employees as young as 35 are now complaining of ageism in the workplace.

According to a survey by Maturity Works around 80 per cent of staff between
34 and 67 said they had been victims of age discrimination, with 71 per cent
being anxious about the future.  www.maturityworks.co.uk

Makers eye the end

Manufacturing will cease to exist in the UK in the next 25 years if jobs
continue to be lost at the current rate, according to trade union Amicus. It
claims 155,000 UK manufacturing jobs were lost last year alone, averaging
almost 13,000 every month.  www.aeeu.org.uk

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