In-house training reaps efficiency

Employers who train their own staff perform consistently better than other
types of provider, according to a report by the Training Standards Council.

The survey of 492 companies shows that 46 per cent of the training grades
awarded to employers were good or outstanding, and only 11 per cent were less
than satisfactory.

These figures compare with averages of 34 per cent and 18 per cent,
respectively, for other providers, including further education colleges, local
authorities and training consultancies.

David Sherlock, chief inspector of the Adult Learning Inspectorate, which
replaced the Train- ing Standards Council in April, said that there are several
reasons why employers are better at training.

He said, "Employers have a long-term commitment to staff. They are
often ideally placed to do the work-based training and have the necessary

But the research also highlights a decline in the quality of training in the
UK workplace. More than half of the training organisations surveyed were
awarded at least one unsatisfactory grade at their first inspection in 2001 – a
10 per cent rise on the previous year.

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