Industry shuns online training

than three-quarters of employers have yet to embrace online training methods,
according to a major CIPD survey.

than 500 HR professionals questioned say that 84 per cent of training managers prefer
to use face-to-face training courses, with 45 per cent claiming to have never
used the Internet for training.

over the use of the new technology remains high, with 40 per cent of those
surveyed unable to answer questions on using the intranet or Internet. 

Cannell, CIPD’s adviser on training and development, said, “This suggests a
great deal of nervousness about how to tackle e-learning, not least because one
can make expensive mistakes by choosing the wrong solutions.”

has been an increase of a third in intranet and Internet use by employers.

explained, “Technology is playing an increasing role but the more traditional
methods of learning far outweigh online learning.”

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