Ineffective employees: Seven bad habits

You have all read the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – well here are the ineffective ones:

Habit 1: Be inactive. Instead of basing your actions on your own chosen values, base them on your mood swings. That way you’ll never get too far.

Habit 2: Begin with the start in mind. Forget thinking about the end result and don’t write down goals. That way you’ll never achieve them.

Habit 3: Put first things last. Say yes to the unimportant, especially if it isn’t urgent. That way you’ll be totally unsuccessful.

Habit 4: Think lose-lose. Covey said “win-win” is seeking mutual benefit in all interdependent relationships. Do the opposite.

Habit 5: Seek not to understand and not to be understood. Don’t bother with the other person’s view and make sure no-one understands yours.

Habit 6: Don’t synergise. No-one knows what it means anyway, so why bother?

Habit 7: Blunt the saw. Covey said highly effective people sharpen their acts in all areas of their life. Highly ineffective people don’t. And besides, what is this saw anyway?

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