Ineffective management wastes a third of working days

third of working days are lost every year because companies are failing to
manage staff effectively, according to new research.

study by the Human Resources Group shows that out of a total 260 working days
in the year – more than a third – are completely unproductive.

waste time through extended lunches, sending and receiving personal e-mails,
gossiping with colleagues, sick leave and time off to let the gas man in or see
the dentist. The three 10-minute cigarette breaks a day alone add up to 16 lost
working days a year.

Hugh Billot, personnel director of the Human Resource Group, said better
communications, management, training and monitoring could improve staff

said that a 10 per cent increase in staff utilisation saved an average of
£24,000 in employment costs per 25 employees, and added significantly more to

By Michael Millar

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