Influencing Skills launched on new interactive DVD format

Training company Balance Learning has launched what it believes to be the first commercial, fully-interactive DVD training course.

Featuring the sophisticated interactivity of an online or CD-Rom training course – but on a DVD – the new course, called Influencing Skills, covers the skills, attitudes and actions needed to influence others effectively.

Balance logo 122x150“The UK has, over the last few years, largely replaced video tape training with DVD,” said Chris Horseman, Managing Director of Balance Learning.  “Widely-available portable and home DVD players are an easy, cheap and reliable way of delivering training.  Providing the option of interactive learning on a standard DVD player saves trainers from having to deal with the issues of bandwidth, firewall, security and compatibility that often hamper computer-based training initiatives.  This course is very different to any DVD training on the market, most of which are simply converted training videos with chapter access.  It provides a truly interactive learning experience that gives tailored feedback depending on the student’s responses in the exercises and also has workbook features, such as tear-off tests, that allow trainers to verify that effective learning has taken place.”

Designed as an organisational training resource for anyone who wants to be more influential at work, the new Influencing Skills course comprises three interactive DVDs which provide over two hours of practical, easy-to-apply learning, with fast-paced interactive exercises and video scenarios.

The interactive DVDs play in a standard DVD player or in the DVD-Rom drive of a PC, which means they can be used at work, in a learning library, at home or while travelling.  Students use the DVD remote control or the computer keyboard/mouse to navigate through the menus and exercises.

Influencing Skills highlights the main factors of successful influencing, shows why it is important and how it differs from command and manipulation.  It also covers issues such as communication skills in influencing, the different ways people process information, how to read people and match their thinking patterns, how to establish trust and rapport and how to influence others in teams, groups and meetings.

“The ability to influence others, through big changes and in day-to-day situations, is an essential skill-set in the workplace,” said Chris Horseman.  “This course helps people to decide who they need to influence and which tactics to use to achieve a ‘win/win’ outcome.”

The interactive DVD courses each come with an in-depth, A5-sized wire-bound workbook, plus booklets to accompany each DVD, which contains a post-course test and a complete set of action plans to help students transfer the theory and learning to their work.

Balance Learning now plans to launch its complete curriculum of soft skills training courses – covering issues such as leadership, customer service, presentations, coaching and performance management – on interactive DVD.  A total of 14 courses will be available by the end of the year.

Standard pricing of a multi-user licence for Influencing Skills Suite, ideal for a learning centre, is £1,200; standard pricing of a single user licence is £210 with substantial discounts available for volume purchases.  Additional workbooks can be purchased at £15 each. 

For a taster of the new interactive DVD course – and details of introductory offers – please visit:

For more information about Balance Learning, please call 0845 456 0465 or e-mail

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