Infohrm helps clients respond to new era of talent management

Infohrm, the global leader in workforce planning, reporting and analytics solutions, today announced the launch of a powerful analytics application that will significantly improve how organisations track, model, and manage the movement of internal talent.

In today’s economy, most organisations are facing declining revenues, shrinking margins, dramatically reduced internal budgets and in many cases, significant reductions in their workforce.

Business leaders need to address difficult challenges, from creating effective career paths for high potentials, to maximisng the flow of talent into critical roles and hard to fill leadership positions.

Infohrm’s new TalentFlow Analytics application provides users with a powerful new analytical capability built upon advanced data transformation and sophisticated visualisations.

Its modelling capabilities enable business leaders, HR executives, and line managers to truly understand how the movement of talent through the organisation impacts hiring decisions, workforce planning, cost models, career-path initiatives, succession plans, and risk management.

At many organisations, over 50% of all open positions are filled with internal hires; as such, it is critical to identify roles with high churn, poor performers, and limited advancement opportunities.

TalentFlow Analytics simplifies the measurement of complex workforce mobility via an intuitive visual display of any workforce segment, business unit, location, or job family.

End-users can select from a wide range of metrics (including hires, transfers, promotions, terminations, etc.) and drill into the results for further detail on problem areas.

Using this application enables any organisation reliant upon human capital as a source of competitive advantage to more accurately pinpoint current and future workforce needs.

“In this current economic environment, expertise in workforce planning and analytics has never been more important,” said Peter Howes, CEO Infohrm.

“Without the right data-driven analytical tools, business leaders are essentially flying blind when it comes to making mission-critical, and expensive, talent management decisions. TalentFlow Analytics provides powerful insights about how workforce mobility impacts measures of financial, risk, and human capital performance.”

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