Informercial eases transition to XP

Mercer Human Resource Consulting is using an online infomercial to help
staff make the transition to Microsoft XP software across the organisation. The
infomercial forms part of an integrated training programme Computacenter
Training has developed for the consulting organisation and is being created by
bespoke e-learning content specialist Fuel. It identifies changes XP will
bring, and highlights the superior features of the new system.

"We wanted a quick introduction to XP for all of our staff that would
catch their attention and give them a taster of what was to come with XP,"
says Jim Keeley of Mercer. "We now have a very cost-effective product that
is easy to use and has been welcomed by everyone in Mercer."

Computacenter developed quick reference guides for each Office XP
application, delivered training for laptop users and provided floorwalkers in
Mercer offices to give personal help when required.

"The infomercial worked well in setting the scene prior to the new
system’s launch," says Esther Tomlin, Computacenter’s training account
manager. "People need to understand why new technology is being introduced
to the workplace and what benefits it will bring."

– Fuel has released a free booklet called Success with e-learning. Based on
its experience with a range of clients, it looks at the importance of a focused
strategy and a dedicated project team and explains why pre-launch and
post-launch are equally vital. It can be obtained by e-mailing
[email protected]

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