Innovation advice service launched to help boost productivity

A free Government-backed service is being launched this month to give
employers advice on innovation.

The Innovators Club has been set up to help organisations focus on
market-led innovation that can increase productivity and improve their ability
to win and retain customers.

Commenting on the launch of the new DTI-backed initiative, Peter Soddy,
co-director and founding partner of The Innovators’ Club, said:
"Traditionally, innovation behaviour tends to be cyclical, applied as an
emergency procedure when times are tough.

"The Innovators’ Club offers free practical advice to help firms break
this cycle, and instils continuous market-led innovation at all levels of their

The popular belief among UK businesses is that innovation is both high risk
and high cost. But The Innovators’ Club claims that in the case of market-led
innovation, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Soddy said: "Market-led innovation is based on everyone in the
organisation thinking in terms of improving the overall service to the customer.

"Low cost [or no cost] actions can make a real difference to the bottom

The Innovators Club offers employers:

– Fast-track to the latest, most-relevant free publications and research
documents, in hard copy and downloadable formats

– Monthly e-mails with practical tips, tools and offers

– A business helpdesk to answer questions or direct people to experts

– Targeted updates on relevant information for your sector

– Business advice based on real-life experiences

– Assistance in spotting the key issues you need to address

– Weblinks to excellent sources of essential information

– Regular articles and debates on topical issues

– Regional events, workshops and seminars which address topical issues

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