Innovex creates desktop tool to help staff quit smoking at work

Medical sales company Innovex is taking a pro-active approach to help its employees kick the habit ahead of the workplace smoking ban on 1 July by helping staff give up while sitting at their desks.

The firm is using a desktop quitting tool, a 12-week programme that staff can access from their PCs any time of day, receiving regular messages in conjunction with information on treatments, recovery symptoms, and other stop-smoking tips.

The service is provided by SmokeFreeWorking, an organisation that provides a range of stop-smoking services to organisations.

Smokers can decide on the time they want to start their journey towards giving up, and if they slip up, can restart the programme. Employees are also provided with a link to their local NHS stop-smoking service, where they can get help with accessing alternative treatments.

The cost of the licence is based on the size of the organisation and number of smokers, but works out roughly at £10 per smoker.

Heylee Treasure, head of HR at Innovex, said: “We wanted to put something into place that all staff could access. The company is pleased to be able to offer something positive to staff that will support them when the ban becomes law.”

Meanwhile, law firm Bird & Bird has warned employers that have not prepared for the ban that they risk being hit by fines. Employment lawyer Jeremy Nixon said: “Employers should be aware that disgruntled staff may use breaches of the new law as a stick with which to beat them with.”

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