Interim roles attract senior professionals

Senior HR professionals are increasingly considering interim management as a
career, according to a survey which reveals that 75 per cent of interim HR
managers have chosen to work in the field in the past three years.

The study by Interim Performers also reveals that the increase in use of
interims is most marked in the IT, telecoms and financial services sectors.

Nearly 80 per cent of the 141 interims surveyed are recruited to complete a
particular project and 64 per cent are employed to deliver additional expertise
to a business.

The research shows that 87 per cent of interim HR managers prefer projects
lasting three to six months. More than 70 per cent of respondents say that the
variety of interim management is its biggest attraction; 55 per cent think it
is the challenge of the job; 33 per cent cite the absence of office politics;
and 25 per cent are attracted by the rates of pay.

Julia Meighan, CEO of Interim Performers, said: "The findings clearly
indicate a move towards the use of interims as a strategic resource,
irrespective of the size or type of business involved. These people are a new
breed – they are professionals undertaking a critical role and they thrive on
making a difference."

The study shows that the greatest growth is in middle to senior management
interim professionals in the £40,000 to £70,000 salary band.

Almost two-thirds of HR interims earn over £50,000, but women earn less than
men. In all, 56 per cent of women earn in excess of £56,000, compared to 71 per
cent of men who earn more than this amount.

Three-quarters of interims report that the main downside of their role is
concern over finding assignments; 48 per cent highlight a lack of financial
security; 30 per cent loss of benefits; and 18 per cent cite a lack of training

By Ben Willmott

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