International news

Daimler Chrysler has confirmed that it is to cut 26,000 jobs in the US. The
cuts, 20 per cent of its US workforce, will be made over the next three years
and will be made up of retirements and redundancies. Reports say the firm will
cut 20,000 of its 95,000 manufacturing jobs and 5,000 of its 30,000
white-collar employees.

jobs go as Disney signals end for

Disney is to scrap Internet search service, with the loss of 400 jobs in
the US. The move is related to the company’s scaling back of its on-line
ambitions. The entertainment giant is the latest in a series of traditional
media companies which have cut jobs and reorganised their online operations
recently. has struggled to compete with the popularity of all-purpose
search services provided by Yahoo! and AOL.

top in India for work-home life balance

software company Infosys Technologies has been named India’s top employer for
its people policies built around employees’ personal lives. A study by HR consultancy
Hewitt Associates shows policies enabling staff to balance home and work life
are the common link between Infosys and the other companies ranked in the top
three, Procter & Gamble and Hewlett-Packard. The report says, "The
work life is tailored around the personal lives of the employees. The company
takes care of every individual’s needs from seeing an employee through a close
relative’s illness to celebrating special occasions together."

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