Interviewers get too personal with job seekers

Interviewers are asking job seekers too many inappropriate personal questions which have no bearing on their ability to do the job, according to research.

Almost two-thirds (62%) of UK job interviewees said they had been asked their age by potential employers and more than half (55%) said they had been asked about their marital status.

The survey of 1,000 workers by Water for Fish consultancy also found that 58% of job seekers were asked personal questions about medical and health issues and 3% were questioned about their sexual orientation. About 4% were also asked which political party they supported and 1% were even asked out on a date.

Ben Thornton, executive director at Water for Fish, said: “Companies need to be vigilant of the type of questions that they are asking prospective employees or they could find themselves facing embarrassing legal action. Personal information such as age, health, sexual preference and even whether the interviewee fancies a date is highly inappropriate and there is no reason such questions need to be asked in interviews.”

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