London’s temporary executive assistants earn twice as much as Northern counterparts

Temporary executive assistants and administrators earn almost twice as much in London as those in the North and Scotland, a survey has revealed.

In the capital, the average hourly rate for temporary executive assistants is £12.50 per hour, almost double the average hourly rate received by those in Scotland at £6.79, per hour and the North of England at £7.02 an hour.

Temps in London also typically earn £3.55 above the UK average of £8.95 per hour, the survey of more than 700 executive assistants by Office Team recruitment company showed.

Permanent executive assistants in the South were also found to enjoy higher annual salaries than their colleagues in the North.

Executive assistants in London (£31,600) and the Thames Valley (£29,200) are the highest earners, while those based in the Midlands (£22,500) and the North (£22,100) are among the lowest. But office workers on the south coast (£21,800) earn the least – almost £10,000 a year less than those based in London. 

Victoria Sprott, regional director for Office Team, said: “These results provide quantitative evidence of the power of geography in influencing salaries. While employees continue to show a desire to receive more non-traditional benefits focused on achieving a work-life balance, managers must recognise the importance of salary in rewarding performance and strengthening brand loyalty.”





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