Intranets become fount of all company wisdom

eight out of 10 organisations operate an intranet that includes both HR
policies and input by the HR department.

by Industrial Relations Services reveals that material typically placed on
intranets includes company policies, health and safety information, details of
training courses and the staff handbook.

the 52 firms who responded to the survey, 60 per cent also report using some
form of in-house electronic HR administration system.

two most common objectives underpinning e-HR systems are to improve
communications and streamline routine administration work.

organisations purchase external software packages to do this, particularly in
the areas of employment law and payroll.

two-thirds of those surveyed also expect the use of e-HR to increase
dramatically in the future.

this, just one in seven firms believe the systems are very effective, while 70
per cent feel that they are only fairly useful.

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