Investors in People research demonstrates lack of people measures in UK organisations

Research from Investors in People has highlighted the lack of human capital management (HCM) measures being taken by companies in the UK.

The survey of 400 employers reveals that only 60% are measuring the effectiveness of their people policies, with more than half of these only starting in the past two years.

Some 57% do not publish employee information in company reports or websites, citing a lack of time or resources, worries about disclosing commercially sensitive data, and a perceived lack of relevant information

One in four believe that reporting on HCM should be made mandatory, as it would have been under the now defunct Operating and Financial Review.

But Ruth Spellman, chief executive of Investors in People, said: “Employers should view HCM as much more than just a reporting mechanism as it can help employers identify strengths and weaknesses in the way they equip and support employees to make the contribution expected of them.

“It’s a great way of aligning people development with business performance. Employers that don’t make this connection will fail to get the real business benefits HCM can deliver,” she said.

Investors in People has launched a Human Capital Management Standards Group, with the aim of establishing a set of universal human capital metrics that can be used for external comparisons of organisations, whatever their size or sector.


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