Human capital

Human capital is a term used by HR to refer to the value of employees, when their skills, knowledge and ability are assessed.

Human capital reporting allows HR to measure and set out the value of human capital within the employer.

Investors influence HR practice in small businesses

Small businesses that have received investment tend to adopt the HR and management practices of their external backers, according to research.

Why ESG should be high in HR’s priorities

23 Feb 2021

Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations are high on the agenda for big businesses. But what do ESG goals mean for how we incentivise the workforce?

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Why innovation is HR’s business too

26 Nov 2019

HR is in a fantastic position to support innovation, argues Victoria Harrison-Mirauer.

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Strategic workforce planning is a necessity, not a ‘nice to have’

20 Mar 2019

With automation likely to see many jobs displaced in the near future, employers need to prepare now to find areas where workers' existing and emerging skills will be needed

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Five reasons why you shouldn’t embark on HR Transformation

22 Feb 2019

In the final part of our serialisation of her book, Lucy Adams looks at updating the HR IT system and...

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Inside the Wellcome Trust's Gibbs Building, London

Research giant ponders four-day week for staff

25 Jan 2019

London-based biomedical research charity the Wellcome Trust, the second wealthiest charitable foundation in the world, is considering switching to a...

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Talent transformation leads to higher shareholder return

18 Jul 2018

Companies that are transforming their talent strategies are more likely to report higher shareholder returns, according to research released last...

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The Digital Tribe: why it’s everyone, not just millennials (webinar)

24 Jun 2016

ON DEMAND | How we adapt to change is critical to our success. From the dawn of civilisation, humans have had to evolve in order to survive and thrive...

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One-third of FTSE 100 companies omit people data from annual reports

24 May 2016

One-third of FTSE 100 companies are missing out vital information on opportunities and risks to the business in their annual...

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Is HR too focused on talent?

11 Nov 2015

Talent used to mean the very best... ...people with unique ability. "Now that everything is about talent, the word has become meaningless" – Josh Bersin...

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Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD

Valuing your Talent: measuring and reporting human capital metrics

10 Dec 2013

Peter Cheese discusses Valuing your Talent, a major new research and engagement programme launched at the CIPD annual conference.

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The value of experience and internships

2 Mar 2011

With youth unemployment soaring, the cost of attending university set to rocket and employers’ recruitment budgets hit by the recession,...

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Exclusive human capital events: Strategic HR planning for 2011

20 Aug 2010

People Resolutions is pleased to announce a series of Human Capital events – free to attend – for forward-thinking HR...

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UK employers lag behind US in maximising profit from their people

26 Jul 2010

UK businesses are lagging behind their US counterparts at maximising profit from their investment in people, according to research by...

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COA Solutions launches analytics for HR self-service

12 Jul 2010

COA Solutions, an Advanced Computer Software Plc company, is enhancing its human capital management (HCM) portfolio by launching HR self-service analytics...

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