IOSH update

A one-day course aimed specifically at clinical and non-clinical support staff working across the healthcare sector is being launched on 23 February at St Barts hospital in London.

Developed by IOSH and the Wales College of Medicine and Biosciences, Healthcare: working safely meets the needs of the Health and Safety Executive and covers topics high on the healthcare agenda such as improving health and safety performance, patient safety (particularly cross-infection and equipment), hazard and risk, and workplace safety.

It is especially relevant to areas of the health service such as acute care, primary care, mental healthcare, nursing homes and ambulance trusts in the public and private sectors. Some organisations, particularly those operating within the NHS, may also find that the course addresses many of the needs of their ‘statutory and mandatory’ training requirements.

The author of Healthcare: working safely, Dr Robert Davies, said: “This course is aimed at helping staff understand the complex nature of their organisation and the many risks faced by staff and patients. It looks at the more common hazards and aims to provide advice on how to prevent or manage the many varied risks. Although the course uses many examples from the ‘hospital’ environment, it really makes little difference whether you are employed in a large acute hospital or a single handed general practice, the same risks, hazards, laws and rules apply, there are just fewer of them.”

Davies continued: “The usual patient journey probably starts by a visit to the GP or dentist, then the pharmacist, possible referral to hospital, through the various hospital departments, discharge back to the GP, district nurse or care home. Some patients may be involved in medical emergencies or accidents and be rushed to a hospital emergency unit by ambulance. All staff can provide that care efficiently.”

For more information on this course please contact Alexandra Davis on 0116 257 3187 or e-mail

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