IOSH update

We’ve done it! Chartered status for individual IOSH members will become a reality in November now that the Privy Council has given the green light to changes to our Charter and Byelaws.

The announcement, made on 23 March, means that members will now have a considerably more prestigious status in their workplace, putting them on a par with accountants, bankers and other professionals.

President Lawrence Waterman said: “This is the news we have been waiting for. It represents a real milestone for IOSH and the practice of health and safety. Chartered status will enable members to have increased impact in their workplaces.”

IOSH has invested a lot of time in refreshing the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system so that it is ready for the changing needs of members. Using the new system, members will be able to proactively manage their career online.

IOSH will now roll out a new membership structure. This places competence at its heart and is designed to reflect hard-earned skills and experience as well as enhance your professional status.

“The new CPD system is an opportunity for members to create a structured career path for themselves will enable us all to identify skill gaps, create an action plan and make a real difference to our own effectiveness,” Lawrence added. “This is definitely not a scheme that depends on attending lots of courses and filling in forms. Most members will find that their normal work activities allow them to complete their CPD requirements.

“Whatever the designation, chartered or technician member, the new status will reflect our level of professionalism and the crucial role we play in the workplace.”

To find out more about what chartered status will mean to you, or to register for CPD, visit the dedicated microsite go to

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