IT contractors happy with their lot

contractors work long hours and take little holiday but are satisfied with
their work-life balance, research finds.

survey of 2,000 IT contractors reveals almost one-fifth take fewer than 10 days
holiday a year, while four in 10 take between 10 and 20 days holiday a year.

a third of respondents work up to 50 hours a week but more than half are
satisfied with their work-life balance.

third of those surveyed plan to retire before they are 50 years old.

Brown, managing director of accountancy firm Giant – which conducted the survey
– said the tight recruitment market is forcing IT contractors to work long

said: "With the current uncertainty in the recruitment market, contractors
are under increased pressure to secure themselves contracts. They are therefore
less likely to be jetting off abroad this summer if it means jeopardising their
chances of finding a placement."

By Paul Nelson

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