IT staff walk away from UK organisations

A quarter of all UK businesses cannot retain enough IT staff, according to research.

A survey of 300 public and private organisations, by independent research group Computer Economics, reveals that 25% of respondents have retention problems, compared with only 11% in the 2004 report.

Half of the organisations experiencing staff retention problems are public and not-for-profit organisations.

More than half of all the organisations polled said job insecurity has been the biggest factor in retention problems as people felt unsure of the future of their role.

Competition from other organisations is the second biggest reason companies failed to hang on to staff, according to 41% of organisations.

Recruitment of IT staff is also an issue, the survey shows. The biggest problem that companies face when recruiting IT staff is finding the specialised skills required, according to 40% of respondents, with 38% struggling to recruit staff due to the lack of suitable candidates.

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