It’s true: HR too busy to take time off

Personnel Today readers have supported findings highlighted in last week’s issue that HR professionals do not take all their holiday, work on their days off and feel guilty about taking sick leave.

Sam Edwards, group HR manager at ML Integration, admitted answering e-mails while not at work. “I do take my holidays. However, I have to admit that I will log-on during time off to pick up and reply to e-mails, whether I am sick or on holiday. I also take calls from the office on my mobile.”

Hannah Oliver, of national agency sportscotland, asked if HR professionals are too conscientious or just overworked.

She said, “I find that not only can I not use all my annual leave, I regularly lose time off in lieu.

“I feel very guilty if I take time off at all, and when I come back there is so much work to do that I build up a lot of time off in lieu.”

Pat Massey, of solicitors Payne Hicks Beach, said she works hard to take all her holiday. But she describes as “daunting” the volume of voice-mail and e-mail waiting on her return.

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