Jaluch deliver a successful pilot programme for the ECA

As the government announces a new £150m programme to deliver 50,000 new apprenticeship places, the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) explains the success of the pilot of a recently launched Management Development Training Programme, offering the next step for contractors looking to develop their careers. Delivered in association with HR and training specialists Jaluch, the programme delivers industry-specific management training which will provide the sector with its future managers. The programme, specifically designed for ECA members, provides a blueprint for other industries to ensure that there is a clear career path available within skilled industries and in the future should support the government’s aims to attract high quality candidates to start an apprenticeship and join the profession.

A video outlining the programme is available on the Jaluch website at: www.jaluch.co.uk/eca

The ECA Education and Training Team worked with Jaluch to create a two-stage programme consisting of supervisory and managerial level training modules. The aim was not just to create a training programme, but to provide a clearly delineated career development path for an electrician to follow and learn the skills required as their career progresses.

The course has been designed to include the learning outcomes of the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) Introductory Certificate in Team Leading (Level 2) and the Introductory Certificate in Management (Level 3). Jaluch provides participative and interactive training, and ensures that as well as meeting these commercial and academic standards, the course modules were practical and engaging, fitting in with the preferred learning styles of individuals more used to working with tools than textbooks.

Iain Macdonald, Head of ECA Education and Training stated:

“ECA’s goal was to develop management training tailored specifically for electrical contracting businesses, giving our employers a means to formally prepare their staff for key management and supervisory roles. By partnering with Jaluch, we have been able to exceed this ambition, offering a course with not just the right content, but in a format our candidates tell us they find ideal. The independent mark of quality of the programme is that we have gained CMI accreditation for it, an achievement which I know is in no small part down to the unfailing expertise and commitment brought by Jaluch”.

The ECA is delighted with the results of the pilot and aim to roll the programme out across the country – the industry as a whole is keen to take up this opportunity which was previously unavailable to contractors. The qualifications open up new opportunities and a definite career path for contractors.

Feedback from delegates:

“Enjoyed having different people from different companies so we had a broad spectrum of opinions and stories.”

“Using games helped us to think about our issues.”

“Pitched at a level I was comfortable with.”

“Relevant and concise.”

“Enjoyed the fact that the trainers kept everyone involved and kept the course flowing.”

“Kept your interest with constantly changing subjects.”






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