Job boards increasingly important for recruitment

Over three quarters of employers are using job boards on the
Internet as part of their recruitment strategy, according to research.

The research, by recruitment software provider Personic
Europe and, shows that while usage is high, nearly a quarter
of respondents claim they actually place less than 10 per cent of their
candidates through this method. Only 9 per cent of those surveyed placed more
than half of their candidates through job boards.

Also 96 per cent of respondents believe that job boards
should improve the services they offer to recruitment agencies and HR

“There are currently thousands of job boards residing on the
internet and more are being added each week. In this climate, it is natural
that some consolidation will take place, and it seems from this survey that
only those job boards that can really add value to their customers will
survive,” said Gareth Robinson, vice president of European operations for
Personic Europe.

A majority (81 per cent) of the 106 respondents stated that
specialist job boards are more valuable than general boards.

Robinson said, “It seems that providing a more focused
service so that candidates are better matched to job requisitions is the best way
for job boards to add value.”

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