Job cuts plan at Derby City Council

Derby City Council is to axe 465 jobs as a result of a cost-cutting review.

The local authority said it had carried out a wide-ranging review which supported plans to save £32m over three years.

The equivalent of 465 full-time positions will go over the next three years but the council said it hoped most of these will be natural wastage.

Leader of the Liberal Democrat-run council, Hilary Jones, said in a statement: “Our intention is that the reductions will be achieved through people leaving the council for other jobs and through retirements. There will also be recruitment controls put in place as vacant posts arise.”

Union leaders were critical of the move. “We’re surprised that the only alternative that has been put forward is the same old mantra of job losses,” said Charlie Carruth of Unison.

Derby is the latest local authority to announce job cuts as a result of squeezed budgets.

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