Job-share paid holiday entitlement

We are looking at the issue of pro-rata paid Bank Holiday entitlement for a job-share situation. One person would miss out on most of the UK Bank Holidays as they work on Thursdays and Fridays only. Does anyone have any advice on how to ensure we are fair to both our job-share employees?

Answer 1: We allocate workers a pro-rata entitlement of the Bank Holidays each. So, for example, if there are eight Bank Holidays in a year, the person working three days of the job share would be entitled to 4.8 days, and the person working two days would be entitled to 3.2 days. Then from that entitlement, deduct the number of days where Bank Holidays fall on the days that they would normally work. Whatever is left is credited to their annual leave to be taken at a mutually convenient time, or if the number of Bank Holidays that falls on their normal working day exceeds their Bank Holiday entitlement then this is deducted from their annual leave.

Answer 2: I include the Bank Holiday entitlement in my pro-rata calculations for all part-time staff, regardless of which days they work. Our annual entitlement is 25, so add the 8 Bank Holidays, which makes 33, divide the part-timers’ days per week by five and multiply by 33, which gives you their new annual entitlement. That way, every time there is a Bank Holiday on the day they would work, they deduct that from their annual entitlement, and they both have the same pro-rata holidays.

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