Job swap

had the TV programme Bosses from Hell and if you failed to watch at least one
episode of Wife Swap then you can count yourself out of the ‘in’ crowd.

you ain’t seen nothing yet! The latest reality TV show lined up for this autumn
on Channel 4 is – wait for it – Boss Swap.

Media, the TV production company behind it (also producer of Wife Swap and
Faking It among others, wants your help in getting it all together.

will choose bosses from a range of industry sectors with very different views
on management. Then they will swap places and apply their skills in a new
environment. And we will all observe the results.

in putting forward either yourself or a boss in your own organisation for a
starring role?

Bronwyn on 0207 013 4304 or e-mail

forget to let us know if you land a part. E-mail

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