Joined up HR initiative to boost recruitment drive

Public sector employers in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets have formed
an innovative partnership to help beat the HR challenges faced by government

Public sector organisations including the council, police, Jobcentre plus,
NHS, housing association and education authority have all been involved in
discussions to develop common HR solutions.

Cara Davani, head of HR at Tower Hamlets council said the scheme initially
began as a one-off seminar, but has grown into a regular partnership.

"We are trying to identify the common themes that arise for all these
bodies in Tower Hamlets and then identify a single strategy to deal with
them," she said.

The group, which includes HR and senior management staff from the various
agencies, are looking at strategies to help motivate staff, improve recruitment
and retention, and at ways to attract more young people into local government.

"We’ve identified some common problems around recruitment and
remuneration across the public sector in the borough. We’ve done the analysis
and know where the gaps are, so now we’re collectively promoting the borough
and making ourselves attractive as employers," said Davani.

One common problem the group has identified is the cost of living in the
area and the team hopes a co-ordinated approach will bring some answers.

The group also wants to use the forum to highlight the attractive side of
working in the public sector in Tower Hamlets.

The scheme aims to encourage members of the local ethnic community to feel
they can go for a wider range of jobs in the public sector.

By Ross Wigham

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