Joint effort to lift chemicals profile urged

Employers and trade unions in the
chemicals sector are being urged to jointly promote careers in the industry to

The Chemical
Industries Association (CIA) told a conference in Milan that the most effective
way to enhance the industry’s reputation is by contributing to the debate on

Simon Marsh, the CIA’s
head of employment affairs, said, "First, society has a right to
understand the contribution we make and we have a right to explain it.

"Second, our
image and reputation is transmitted to the public, including our children, by
others. Why should they not hear about us from us?

"And, as an
industry, we make a major contribution."

The CIA has a
two-pronged education strategy. It wants to recruit young people by promoting
the industry to them while they are in secondary education.  It is also aiming to develop a positive
image of the industry among primary school children.

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