Jolly bad wheeze as UK tops asthma poll

More people in the UK have severe asthma than anywhere else in the world, a
global study has concluded.

The report by the Global Initiative for Asthma (Gina) found that Scotland
was the worst affected, with more than 18 per cent of people experiencing
symptoms. Some 17 per cent of children and adults in Wales and 15.3 per cent in
England also suffer from the condition.

In contrast, the condition hits just 2.3 per cent in Switzerland and 1.9 per
cent in Greece.

The survey comes ahead of World Asthma Day, on 4 May, when the National
Asthma Campaign charity is to publish a report looking at the spread and
seriousness of asthma in the UK. It has estimated that there are currently
around 5.1 million UK sufferers.

Almost a third of children aged 13 and 14 in Scotland, Wales and England had
experienced asthma symptoms.

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