Ken Livingstone challenges employers to improve skills of London’s workforce

A report by London mayor Ken Livingstone points to a lack of skills in the capital.

The London Story report examines London’s labour market and the skills required to compete in a global economy. It challenges employers to raise the skills levels of the capital’s workforce.

The report underpins work being carried out by the London Skills and Employment Board and pre-empts its draft London Skills & Employment Strategy that will be launched for public consultation at the end of the month.

The London Story report points out that London has some of the highest levels of worklessness in the UK and it identifies the need to address the many barriers faced by many groups including people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities,lone parentsand the long-term disabled.

The report also highlights the need for more funds for training targeted at the most disadvantaged.

Livingstone said: “London’s economy is highly successful and we must continue to build on this success. The key to this is ensuring London and Londoners have the skills needed to compete for business and jobs.”

Harvey McGrath, vice-chair of London Skills and Employment Board, said: “The skills and employment landscape in London is confused and crowded. The bottom line is that we want all Londoners to be able to access good employment opportunities and gain the skills they need to develop their careers.

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