Skills shortages

Tapping into tech: How agile HR leadership drives resilience (webinar)

24 Nov 2020 | Register now. HR leaders have had to steer organisations through unprecented change...

OECD predicts 7.1% unemployment in UK and criticises lack of training

15 Oct 2020

The OECD has predicted unemployment in the UK will rise from 4.5% to 7.1% in 2021 and says that to recover the UK must invest in skills and achieve a softer Brexit.

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Ballerina image in jobs campaign provokes Twitter storm

12 Oct 2020

Culture secretary calls viral, but old, careers advert 'crass'.

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Shortage occupation lists: the MAC’s proposals examined

6 Oct 2020

Last week, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) released a report outlining what occupations should be recognised as being in shortage...

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Government announces £2.5bn lifelong learning package

29 Sep 2020

The government has announced plans to offer adults without an A-level or equivalent a free college course to boost their...

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Job Support Scheme: two thirds of two thirds?

24 Sep 2020

As announcements go, it was far from the clearest. It was only when the above graphic was tweeted by HM...

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Why soft skills are becoming ever more important to businesses

23 Sep 2020

Interpersonal skills, empathy and resilience are strongly desired by employers as they look towards business recovery. Riccarda Zezza discusses how...

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Firms’ £1.2bn temporary staff bill ‘expensive and unsustainable’

16 Sep 2020

Organisations have spent £1.2 billion on temporary staff to plug skills gaps over the past year, prompting the Open University...

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TUC offers plan to avoid winter of redundancies

4 Sep 2020

TUC's job protection and skills plan urges the government to prepare for the jobs of the future, ensure younger workers gain new skills and establish a fairer labour market.

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Majority of female STEM recruits expect to see gender pay gap report

26 Aug 2020

Almost two-thirds of female students in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) would expect to read a prospective employer’s...

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New immigration guidelines: What do employers need to know?

17 Aug 2020

While Brexit preparations might still seem a distant set of priorities for some organisations, last month the government issued more...

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Girls’ STEM achievements overshadowed by A-level downgrades

13 Aug 2020

21.8% increase in the total number of girls taking computing at A-level among findings from today's results.

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Immigration and EU workers: Brexit hasn’t gone away

10 Aug 2020

Many businesses will soon have to once again wrestle with the UK's decision to leave the EU, with difficult decisions having to be made over the sourcing of talent.

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‘Office for Talent’ to improve immigration experience

1 Jul 2020

The government has created a new ‘Office for Talent’ to make it easier for scientists, researchers and innovators to settle...

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Could furlough and redundancy for visa holders increase the skills gap?

26 Jun 2020

Furlough and redundacy may force some skilled migrant workers to return home. Jonathan Beech explains the impact of job losses...

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