Kerb crawling by company car drivers needs to be cut

companies are urging HR teams to tackle the growing problem of kerb crawling by
company car drivers.

in legislation mean the leasing company now pays the fine then invoices the
company hiring the vehicle for any fine and an administration fee.

Vehicle Leasing claims the growing number of police surveillance cameras
installed in towns and city centres is contributing to an increase in
administration costs and fleet running costs.

number of incidents that Lex has dealt with over the past year has doubled to
25,000 as local authorities and police forces issue more parking and speeding
tickets and report more serious incidents such as kerb crawling.

Morgan, service delivery manager at Lex Vehicle Leasing, believes that the
increase in these sorts of incidents could force HR departments to add extra
clauses to their company car policies warning against improper behaviour by
staff while using company property.

said: "Between 2000 and 2001 the amount of tickets and letters from local
authorities have rocketed. It has just gone mad – and we only see those that
are overdue or involve offences captured on CCTV."

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