Kick back and get yours

Internet users now have the opportunity to “up their kick” – increase their pay – with the help of a newly launched website, is the first website that will allow users to compare their salary against others in the same role and build a picture of the market rates for their job, which in turn tell the user whether they are receiving a fair slice of the pie or if they need to “up their kick”. takes into account a number of variables which can affect salaries, including job title, industry sector, experience, location, age, gender and country of work, all of which construct a comprehensive (and perhaps more importantly, anonymous) tool for users to make salary comparisons.

Despite its infancy, the site is growing in popularity on a daily basis through word of mouth.

A press and online campaign will launch shortly to help drive more people to the site, and help more employees to “up their kick”.

Martti Ball, CEO, said:

“The opportunity provided by for users to identify their true market value will be a great tool for all of our users.

Come appraisal time, will give our users all of the ammunition that they need to negotiate their salaries.”

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