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Key pay award indicator dives to 10-year low

Pay freezes see Xpert HR's headline pay award analysis drop to a 10-year low.

City employers used 2018 to tie down talent before Brexit

30 Jan 2019

Banking, financial and professional services companies used 2018 to “tie down” talent before the 2019 Brexit leave date, according to...

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Graduate recruitment: what should you pay the class of 2018?

15 Jun 2018

What starting salary is your organisation offering to graduate recruits in 2018? As the class of 2018 joins the labour...

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While many work voluntarily, charities will see a hike in the paybill next April when the national living wage is introduced.

National living wage could cost charities £10m

2 Nov 2015

Charities will have to spend more than £3 million bringing their staff up to the new national living wage rate...

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Chart 1. Older employees get smaller pay awards in IT, according to XpertHR's Computer Staff Salary Survey for June 2015

Pay in IT: How age affects salary and progress

22 Sep 2015

XpertHR Salary Surveys: Pay in IT
Computer Staff Salary Survey
IT Key Skills Report
IT Staff in Computer Services and...

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One-third of underperforming managers still receive bonuses

3 Jun 2015

Companies are routinely giving bonuses to underperforming managers, according to the latest pay data from XpertHR and the Chartered Management...

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HR salaries growing at a snail’s pace, XpertHR data shows

3 Dec 2014

HR salaries rose more slowly in 2014 than at any point since the start of the recession, according to XpertHR’s...

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Gender pay gap: Women’s pay slowly catching up

21 Nov 2014

The gender pay gap is closing, but earnings growth has yet to catch up with inflation, the latest wage data...

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Women suffering “mid-life pay crisis”, according to new figures

18 Aug 2014

A “mid-life pay crisis” is hitting female managers, with women earning more than one-third less than men once they hit...

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Pay trend research highlights contrasts across 12 sectors

5 Nov 2010

Pay trends for the past year varied widely by sector, with manufacturing seeing median pay rises above that for the...

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Child benefit cut could prompt ‘flurry’ of employee benefit reviews

6 Oct 2010

The Government’s controversial decision to scrap child benefit for higher-rate taxpayers could prompt a “flurry” of employee benefit strategy reviews,...

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Voluntary sector salaries – the annual Celre survey

1 Dec 2009

It’s often assumed that people get involved in the voluntary sector out of the goodness of their hearts. Volunteers may do, but for paid employees, the advantages are more tangible. The 21st annual Celre voluntary sector salary, published exclusively on XpertHR, reveals the financial advantages to life in the voluntary sector.

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Salary surveys: The benefits to employers of taking part

6 Oct 2009

XpertHR’s head of salary surveys and data benchmarking Mark Crail talks to Mike Berry about salary surveys, setting out what...

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Charity bosses’ pay trails private sector ones by a quarter

2 Oct 2009

Pay rates for charity staff bosses trail those of private sector chief executives by 21% nationally and 24% in London.The...

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Finance and accounts staff salary trends

3 Jul 2009

Staff working in finance and accounts departments saw the real value of their take-home pay fall as inflation outstripped increases...

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